Roof Restorations

Roof Restorations can bring a tired home back to life and add a lot of value to an older home.

Raving Roofing has completed thousand of roof restorations throughout Melbourne and use only the highest grade of materials to guarantee a professional finish.

Raving Roofing does not employ salepeople and pride ourselves on our honesty and professional advice.

Our roof restoration services include Roof Painting, Roof Cleaning, Valley Iron Replacement, Bedding and Pointing, Replacing Broken tiles and general roof repairs.


Roof Painting

Painting a tiled roof is purely an aesthetic/cosmetic improvement and can completely change the appearance of a old tired roof. Raving Roofing proudly uses Regent Paints with a wide range of colours to choose from.  View our  colour chooser >>


Roof cleaning/ de-mossing

Professional High Pressure cleaning removes all dirt, lichen, moss and mould from your roof tile surface. Terra-cotta roof tiles once cleaned can make your roof look like new. View our gallery >>


Re-bedding and Pointing

Raving roofing offers a comprehensive re bedding and pointing service. Your ridge caps are re aligned and re set using a bedding frame. Ridge caps are then re pointed in flexible pointing. We can advise you in choosing pointing colors and provide samples. View our  video >>


Valley Iron Replacement

Raving roofing can replace your rusted valley irons with new zinc, gal or colorbond valley irons. We can remove your old pointed valley and upgrade your new valley to be installed with valley seal. Our expert team can advise you on the most suitable materials for your roof.

View our  video >>