Broken Tile Replacement

Raving Roofing has a expert team of roof tilers who can assist with all your roofing needs including replacing broken tiles.

Roof tiles should be regularly maintained to avoid roof leaks and further damage to your property. Broken roof tiles are not always easy to find as they can be broken underneath and cannot be visible to the eye.

Re-Bedding and Pointing

Raving Roofing offers a comprehensive re bedding and pointing service. Your ridge caps are re aligned and re set using a bedding frame. Ridge caps are then re pointed in flexible pointing. We can advise you in choosing pointing colors and provide samples.

Valley iron replacement

Raving Roofing can replace your rusted valley irons with new zinc, gal or colorbond valley irons. We can remove your old pointed valley and upgrade your new valley to be installed with valley seal. Our expert team can advise you on the most suitable materials for your roof.