Older homes requiring roof maintenance should strongly consider the benefits of actual roof replacement as a one off long term solution, as a 50 year guarantee is provided on all our new roofing tiles.

Re-roofing is far superior in comparison with roof restorations and is very competitively priced. Replacing your roof is becoming more and more popular due to sophisticated changes in roofing tile products available nation wide.

Re-roofing is a perfect opportunity to optimise the thermal efficiency of your home. installing sarking under roof battens and tiles will reduce heating and cooling expenses as sarking deflects up to 95% of radiant heat and will also provide an extra layer of protection from dust and storms.

Our team of experienced roof tilers will provide you with expert advice and will be readily available to answer any related questions.

We pride ourselves on customer service.

To obtain a free quote call Barrie on 0405146569 or fill out our contact us page and we will call you to discuss your re-roofing needs.